Are you interested in advertising on the UK's no.1 forum for optometry professionals? *(Source:

What is it all about?
Companies in the optical sector now have the option to advertise on and by doing so can display a tab link to their website. Text and destination link can be changed monthly to promote different products/offers/etc. The website address of forum sponsors is also included in any mailshots we send out.

What is the point?
Well, it is advertising with a twist. A minimum of 50% of the revenue generated will go to a vision charity which will be chosen by forum members in a yearly poll.

What happens to the remaining revenue?
The rest will go towards site costs, e.g. hosting, maintenance, development, promotion etc.

Will anything change?
Apart from a few extra tabs, no. Advertisers have no say in matters related to the forum other than their ad. Advertisers will however have more freedom to post about their products on the forum, e.g. by replying to relevant threads. As it currently stands such promotion is only allowed if it is a very small minority of a member's total posts.

Stats: per month average gets over 3000 unique visitors, over 13 000 visits, over 150 000 page views.

Alternatively, we send an email to all members once or twice per year - if you would like your company website/product to be included in this mailshot this is also possible for a small fee. We also have special announcement ads available which can appear at the top of the forum for 30 days.

Please send an email to howtocontactus for further information.

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