Responding to adverts..

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Rick Sanderson
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Responding to adverts..

Post by Rick Sanderson »

I'm sure nobody wants too many rules, but sometimes where people just cannot self regulate....

With regards to ads, in particular job ads, it would be great if those not interested in availing themselves of what is on offer were discouraged from commenting.
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Re: Responding to adverts..

Post by rimlessglasses »

Yep I agree Rick, it serves no useful purpose and the threads get diverted away from what the original topic was put there for. It's very sad that you can have a very positive post and a member picks up on something they percieve as negative, amongst all the positives and jumps on it. Makes me feel a bit sorry for the person doing this as their life must be very negative generally.

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Re: Responding to adverts..

Post by Nedmundo »

I concur with the above - any queries can be made by PMing the OP.

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Re: Responding to adverts..

Post by eagle »

I partly agree. If, as has happened, the job is with Speccies although not declared as such, occurred fairly recently, then I see no problem in pointing out the lack of honesty in the ad which may, or may not, influence the thinking of a prospective applicant.
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Re: Responding to adverts..

Post by lad_from_leeds »

I'd say replying keeps that topic in the New Posts/Unread posts sections and bumps it up the lists so there's no harm - if someone's interested in a position it will be more visible and they can ignore the ensuing nonsense. I'm sure there's a rule about multiples advertising so I hope the one Eagle's on about has given the boss a few quid
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Re: Responding to adverts..

Post by theOptom »

Please note destructive posting is against the forum rules. If a member is reported for this then action can be taken. If no report, no action taken (Unless I happen to read the post. I don't read every post on the forum).

Large commercial chains should see here:

If they have paid to advertise then at the bottom of the post it will say "Posted with permission of". If it doesn't say that and it's a large commercial chain then you can report it.
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Re: Responding to adverts..

Post by yzf-r1 »

I would say let the comments come along. If someone reading your post feels inclined to add a comment, then so be it.

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