Helping to build your practice/business.

Got something or need something optical? Buy, Sell or Swap it. Books, Equipment etc.
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Andrew D Price
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Helping to build your practice/business.

Post by Andrew D Price » Mon Dec 17, 2018 8:21 pm

The ADP Consultancy portfolio can help your practice/business in the areas of:

Marketing your practice/business via my website in the Professional and/or Patient Sections to 3,000 views per month and rising
Marketing products though banner advertising or product sponsorship, with news of this posted to 3,800 Linkedin followers and on 650+ webpages.
Delivering CET and non-CET lectures and workshops, in-practice, conferences or meetings.
Setting-up and/or running DE/CL/MC clinics
Clinical trials
Becoming an associate

Go to view, a downloadable version is also available or email me at the address below.

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