important information for posts in this section

Got something or need something optical? Buy, Sell or Swap it. Books, Equipment etc.
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important information for posts in this section

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Posts in the buy/sell/swap section that receive no replies for 90 days will be removed automatically by the forum software

The reason being, it will keep things current.

If you posted but you never sold your item or you are still looking for the same thing after that time, just re-post your message. Simple.

This section is NOT for commercial ventures, only individuals.

If you want to take pics of your items and upload them, use free sites such as:

Once you upload your pic, these sites will display the code you need to show the pic in the forum, just cut&paste it.

And lastly, I would recommend the buyer verify the identity of the seller before buying, e.g. ask for name, address, GOC number etc. Seller should send recorded delivery etc. takes no responsibility for any transactions conducted on its site.

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