IMPORTANT information for posts in this section

Optical recruitment: for posting of jobs available or needed.
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IMPORTANT information for posts in this section

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Posts in the job board section that receive no replies for 60 days will be removed automatically by the forum software

If you posted but the job is still available or you are still looking for a pre-reg for example after that time, just re-post your message. Simple.

When making a post, please be as detailed as possible, as this will increase your chances of a response. In the subject title of the thread for example, it is recommended to provide a summary of the pertinent information.
If it does not have this pertinent information in the thread title, it may be deleted without notice.

This section is for specific/individual job positions, posted by individuals/opticians, not recruitment agencies.

If you make a 'job available or needed' post and are contacted/pestered by recruitment agencies, please let me know.


If you are a recruitment agency or large commercial company and wish to advertise, contact:


The fee is £10 per job advert will last for 60 days.

For a fee of £40 your job post can be made 'sticky' which means it will appear top of the list page for 60 days (more chance of being noticed):

A minimum of 50% of the revenue generated will go to a vision charity, as decided by members in a yearly poll.